Vessels of Life Slimfit Shirt

Vessels of Life Shirt

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Vessels of Life 

Dye Sublimation Tech Shirt 


Virtual Run World

The Vessels of Life tech shirt features design elements that unite to celebrate the circle of life. At first glance, butterflies, flowers and mossy branches are present on a background of vibrant colors. But with a closer look, highly detailed artwork celebrating Day of the Dead appear with playful skulls painted on each butterfly, hidden hearts, blood vessels and plant life.

Details of Vessels of Life Shirt
Details of Vessels of Life Shirt

 This is a dye sublimation performance running tech shirt

with all over printing on both front and back.

93% polyester / 7% spandex

Breathable and Wickable Performance Tech

Available in both Unisex Cut and Ladies Slimfit Cut

Clot Trot Dye Sublimation Shirts

The process used for this shirt is called, Dye Sublimation, which is an ‘All-Over Printed Shirt’ made with high-quality, 93% polyester / 7% spandex, to deliver the look and feel of cotton with the benefits of polyester, breathable, superior wicking which makes it perfect for running. Dye sublimation printing ink absorbs into the fabric which produces vibrant, super-soft, permanent prints. The shirts are laid flat and then printed individually, resulting in white creases that can appear where the fabric wrinkles or folds, adding a one-of-a kind uniqueness to each shirt.

The images below of our Motivation Shirt design represent the white creases that occur.

Motivation Shirt Dye Sublimation Process

I have personally worn these dye sublimation shirts for running and they performed wonderful, even for marathon day!

WDW Marathon Finish 2014
January 2014 WDW Marathon – Finished Dopey Challenge wearing our Sage Rat Run 2013 Dye Sublimation Shirt

We recommend sizing up since these shirts run small. Thanks!

Here is a sizing chart:

Dye Sublimation Shirt Sizing Chart

Vessels of Life 

Dye Sublimation Tech Shirt 


Virtual Run World

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