Dreams Into Plans

Galene Miller

Dear Terri Akins,
Our package arrived today during lunch and my students are still showing them to other students and staff on campus. They are so unbelievably happy with the medals AND completely ecstatic about the Disney pins!! THANK YOU!
I have to share with you that initially these girls were part of a 15-member after-school club which has now dwindled down to the “final-four” members; a majority of students left to join other sports activities (that included all the boys). But these girls kept walking every other day, hiked a mountain once a month, and hosted the first 4K on campus – that was open to the public – the night before Halloween. As high school seniors, it has been difficult for them to stay motivated when graduation is their main focus.
So I had them look online for their first virtual run with their choice of awards; they selected the medal, “She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans”. Then, they decided to again hike 4.46 miles at Mt. Roubideaux – which took them 1:44 minutes in October. At the end of November, they cut their time in half to just 53 minutes; they truly earned this medal.
You must know, they felt their accomplishment was validated with your beautiful design and today when they read the message on the face of the medal, it was completely apropos. I thank you for that.
Merry Christmas!

~ Galene Miller