Liza Cason, Massachusetts

I just wanted to send a shout out and a Thank you to you!  Received the medals I ordered SO FAST!…any of us know that the medal at the finish line is sometimes the motivator to do the event beyond … Read More

Valerie Sercu

Setting goals and checking them off!!!’ Next!!!! Thanks for the awesome incentive! The best BLING at the virtual finish line. ~Valerie Sercu

Stephanie Cox

Received this today. It is so awesome! Thank you for providing such wonderful quality medals at a reasonable price. I’m doing runs for all of them! I have to have them all. ~Stephanie Cox

Jill Shaffer Colbert

Loved ending the year with this virtual 5K (31:31 time) and this medal is insane! “Turning your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans”….bring on 2015!! Happy to support Make a Wish as well!! ~Jill Shaffer Colbert

Shelli Bo

Earned my “She Believed She could, So She Did” medal by running my FIRST MARATHON today as training for WDW Full in January!! Thank you guys- this is gorgeous. WIll get the tech shirt to commemorate the occasion, too. ~Shelli … Read More

Cyndy Ring Royer

We did our run this morning!! ~Cyndy Ring Royer

Laurel Serra

Received my medal and I loooooove it! ~Laurel Serra

Nunzia N Jesse Lopez

My 1st 10k! Nothing better than running this virtual with friends!! Thank you for the Awesome Medal!! This trail run totaled out to 8miles today!! Looking forward to my next! #mrttmmt ~Nunzia N Jesse Lopez

Khampheng Scott

We planned on running a 5K today, but finished running 4 miles. Our Friends joined us in our “Believe In Yourself” Run. ~Khampheng Scott

Megan Collins Ehrhart

Virtual half marathon in 1:57:44 with two lovely ladies! ~Megan Collins Ehrhart

Elizabeth Miranda

Thank you so much for hosting the Believe in Yourself and Fear No Distance virtual races! My kids enjoyed their first 5ks and are ready for more “cool and big” medals! ~Elizabeth Miranda

Cielo Acosta

This morning I ran a 10k in turnout gear and boots. I did their “Believe in Yourself” run where runners set their own goals. I wanted to challenge myself to run in boots, not easy but not as hard as … Read More

Leslie M. Livingstone

Yesterday I was blessed with the privilege of supporting a dear friend in her first 5K. Thank you Virtual Run World for hosting and supporting a wonderful event. The “Believe in Yourself” medal could not have been more appropriate. ~ Leslie M. … Read More

Linda Livingstone

7.4 run and done (earned Fear No Distance) ~ Linda Livingstone

Kris Bertolio Manthe

Finished my marathon today! ~ Kris Bertolio Manthe

Kristy Berger

Did my run a but early…was too cold to go outside so I did mine on a treadmill. Thanks for the fun! ~ Kristy Berger

LaShaun Chappell

Earned this shiny beauty today!!! ~ LaShaun Chappell

Cassandra Johnson

First 5K of 2014! Finished the Believe In Yourself Run in honor of the Make a Wish Foundation! Cannot wait to receive the Cinderella medal. ~ Cassandra Johnson, Madison, WI 27:09

Denise Porter

It was close, but I survived and now “Fear No Distance!” Can’t wait to see my first medal in person! This race was first in my 2014 quest to do 40 races (real and VR) before my 40th birthday in … Read More

Jessica Negron

Oh my God!!! This medal is huge, and gorgeous! I just got it today, so tomorrow I’ll be running my 10K!! Thank you so much!!!!!! (then after her run) I just finished my 10K!!! 1:42:23 Exhausted but very happy!!!! Thanks … Read More

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