Sage Rat Run Medals

Sage Rat Run Discounted Medals

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We are the Run Directors for Sage Rat Run, our local two-day running event that travels through Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is the third weekend, every May. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring the communities together and encourage families to participate in a healthy, happy event.

We order extra medals each year to ensure all participants receive a finishing medal. Over the years, we have accumulated excess medals. Our storage room is full. Others have contacted us for selling these medals to them for the IRun4Buddy program, collecting medals for a running friend, or just wanting discounted medals. We think this is a great idea and are selling these medals below our costs to help the bottom line for our Sage Rat Run event. Help us by getting your own Sage Rat Run medal for yourself, your running buddy, or for just plain fun motivation!

These discounted medals are perfect for

IRun4Buddy and anyone looking for a great deal!

We are now offering the medals in our shop.

Quantities are limited to stock on hand and vary by design.

3 inch to 6 inch medals

Each medal lists a previous event date.

To view details and purchase, please visit our Virtual Run World Shop,

Virtual Run World Shop

8 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    OMG! Those medals are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I am TOTALLY signing up for 3 of those 4 pirate ones (piratey-goodness, man-oh-man!), as that is totally a no-brainer on my part. You’ll be getting an order from me in about 2 weeks, YAY! You two made my day….again!!!! Woo-hoo! And who said Mondays were so bad…….LOL!
    Have a great week, and happy 4th to All!
    Your Pal,
    Jim S.
    P.S. I need to seriously think about getting out there for one of your live events!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Jim, we are thinking that you might be part pirate? You have such knowledge for pirate talk 🙂 In the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which character do you most relate to? We love your enthusiasm yet again for our medals! We appreciate your support and encouragement in our designs and endeavors! Hope your 4th of July was explosive 🙂 Thanks again!

      • Jim S.
        | Reply

        Hmmmm, so you asked who is my “Pirates of the Carribean” character I relate too?……..LOL!…..Well, I guess I might be like 3 parts Will Turner and 1 part Jack Sparrow…..but we all know Captain Jack rocks!!! My favorite part of Disney World is the whole Pirates of the Carribean village area, and my second favorite is the Haunted Mansion. I will have to email you a fun pirate pic this summer from the ren faire out here (I collect pirate stuff).

        • Virtual Run World
          | Reply

          Jim, we all LOVE Captain Jack Sparrow too 🙂 We once met him at Disney and I had to ask, “Why is the rum always gone?” He played nicely into his part by swaying to and fro and smiling nicely for the camera 😉

          • Jim S.

            Oh, yeah, I saw Capt. Jack on the stage of that show they have in the pirate area there, and got some fun pictures……it is a fun time there!

  2. Jim S.
    | Reply

    OK, I just placed an order for 3 of the cool piratey looking medals today! Hope you all are doing good!!!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Thanks Jim for your order 🙂 Have a piratey treasure-filled run adventure for them!

      • Jim S.
        | Reply

        LOL! Oh, you know I will……LOL!……..but seriously, I am pre-posting here that I plan to do a 5K for each of them, and will work that into my workout routine!

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