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What if you were presented with a layered Black Forest Gateau, oozing kirsch syrup from three dense, rich layers of dark chocolate cake, topped with macerated kirsch cherries, a fluffy mascarpone cream frosting, and a dark chocolate ganache… decorated with an abundant load of fresh fruits and a sprinkling of sugar icing? That would be a pretty good dessert day. And how could it possibly be better? If you lived in my rich chocolaty dessert-filled world, it would be topped with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. “It’s too rich,” the athletic crowd mumbles under the heavy weight of calories. “Dessert amateurs,” I would growl back, my mouth full of cake, as I slowly and happily slip into a chocolaty, sugar-coma.

Black Forest Gateau

For a great marathon day, when we were lucky enough to be in the ultimate of running events, the Disney World Marathon, how can anyone achieve any greater version of nirvana? Roller-coaster during the run! Yes, we rode Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, which is just like adding more chocolate to my dessert. But here was the ice cream on our running cake. Along our 26.2 mile journey through Disney World, Terri was recognized by some of our runners from Virtual Run World. How cool is that? Chocolate ice cream on my cake COOL. Terri was wearing her She Believed She Could Running Tech Shirt which kinda gave her away. We were fortunate enough to run for miles with Stacey and Shelley, who both dressed as Minnie Mouse. Stacey and Shelley told us that they used Virtual Run World’s She Believed She Could medal to train for their 2015 Disney World Marathon, which was their first. What did they do to earn the She Believed She Could medal? They ran a training marathon! Double scoop ice cream awesomeness.

  She Believed She Could Virtual Run Medal

And they were killing the Disney World Marathon without even sweating. Terri and I were on pace with them, each of us playing leap frog, due to all of us stopping numerous times for character photos or varying our walk/run pace. Here’s to Stacey and Shelley for using our She Believed She Could medal from Virtual Run World for motivation on their 26 mile training run. All we can say is, you two ROCK and THANK YOU for motivating us with a little Disney Magic! Now back to my sugar-coma nap.

4 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Very cool story, and it sounds like you both had a blast at that Disney event. And regarding that chocolate cake, I’ld have a piece, cause it sounds awesome…

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Jim, thanks for your feedback and support all these months 🙂 We appreciate your motivation and spirit 🙂

  2. Shelli B
    | Reply

    Our update- Stacey and I ran a local Half Marathon 2 weeks after this Disney Full, then we ran Disney Princess Half Marathon last weekend! We have eaten countless chocolate cakes. Okay, well, at least I have. I love that you guys have been and continue to be part of our story! We are coming back for more medals as inspiration- love your artwork and we’re training for the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge by running the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May! Gotta stay motivated!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Shelli, we want to thank you for letting us be a part of your story 🙂 We LOVE that you are updating us and keeping us in the loop of your training and upcoming events! Wish we could be at the runDisney Tinkerbell Half also, but we will be there in spirit alongside you both 🙂 Thank you for your support and happy training!!! Terri & Mike

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