Virtual Run World makes elaborately designed, large, heavy medals to motivate you in your goals. These medals are expensive to make and keep in inventory. In order to offer more medals in greater variety, we need your help. We are trying a new method to get new medal designs to you, much like Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, we are offering our new medal designs in a Pre-Order Status.

How does Pre-Order* work?

You Pre-Order your medal which guarantees you a medal prior to them being sold out.

Once a minimum of 100 medals are Pre-Ordered, we will place the order with the manufacture. We hope, with over 3,000 customers, to meet the minimum goal quickly. Please place your order soon.

Manufacturing takes approximately 6-8 weeks for our custom medals.

We will update the status of the medal design from Pre-Order Status to Production on our Medal Shipping Status Page,

When we receive the medals, we will ship your order immediately to you.

We hope you like the new design. Please help us by Pre-Ordering your medal as soon as possible so we all can share the new motivation.

*By Pre-Ordering a medal, you understand that there is a minimum number of orders needed before the medal design goes into production.

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