Mystery Medal Giveaway August 2015

Mystery Medal Giveaway

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Earn (1) entry into our Mystery Medal Giveaway for each time you:

1. Share on Facebook

2. Like our Page on Facebook (what is not to like),

3. Comment on Facebook post – just say something motivational and/or share a photo 🙂

4. Comment on website post,

Ended on August 31, 2015 @ 8 pm. We randomly drew one winner from the entries. The winner, Joann Forney will receive one mystery medal from Virtual Run World.

Thank you for your support!

52 Responses

  1. Joann Forney
    | Reply

    Love your medals!!

    Never give up! It’s hard at first but keep pushing yourself a little each time! You’ve got this!!

  2. Your medals are AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Linda Livingstone
    | Reply

    ooo Mystery. Love mysteries.

    • Jennifer Ashton-Smith
      | Reply

      How awesome right Linda ?!!!! Good luck to you my friend 🙂

  4. Cheri Pfarrer
    | Reply

    I love virtual runs! It’s been such a great way to motivate my little guys- we LOVE running as a family!

  5. Becky Darsey
    | Reply

    Love love love these medals! Especially the one in my medal case 😉

  6. Kris Manthe
    | Reply

    You all have the BEST medals. They are all huge and have cool designs.

  7. Monica
    | Reply

    I love these medals! Keep up the great designs. <3

  8. Pat Sharp
    | Reply

    I love doing virtual races

  9. Karen Johnson
    | Reply

    Love the medals

  10. newblueshoes867
    | Reply

    Love the medals and shirts. I always get compliments on the shirts

  11. newblueshoes867
    | Reply

    Love the medals as a way to celebrate accomplishments.

  12. Tioni
    | Reply

    Awesome Medals!

  13. Glendyne
    | Reply

    I love race bling! It’s what motivates me to keep on training. Each medal I have earned has a story to tell… about not giving up, trying your hardest, and pushing yourself to the limits.

  14. Revae Swartz
    | Reply

    You guys have Amazing medals! Love your designs!

  15. Annie
    | Reply

    I’ve only just started running this year, and I’m so glad I’ve joined this virtual running community. I love showing off my #racebling Woot!

  16. Wendie
    | Reply

    Your medal are very beautiful

  17. Daisy quinn
    | Reply

    Love the medals and so can’t wait to own one!!!

  18. Kristal Romans
    | Reply

    Been a fan and have followed your page for a while. Love your metals and thank you for the great work involved. Remember that running and exercise is for us all mentally as much as physically. Stay focused with your plans of better health and follow that determination to your goals. Press on and good luck!!

  19. Delena
    | Reply

    Love the race bling! Motivates me to push myself and run more.

  20. Anne
    | Reply

    I love these medals !! I “award” myself for milestones in my running !!

  21. Beckie
    | Reply

    The medals are all SO beautiful. I can’t choose one for myself so, you choose for me. 😉 #mysterymedal

  22. Laura
    | Reply

    Great medals!

  23. Nadine
    | Reply

    amazing medals.

  24. Kimberly
    | Reply

    Love all your medals! The pictures don’t do them justice! And they’re huge!!!

  25. Kerrie
    | Reply

    I love the medals! Always make the decision to TRY!!

  26. Lena
    | Reply

    These are the most beautiful and impressive medals I’ve seen.
    Love them!

  27. Stephanie
    | Reply

    Love all your medals! Such a great motivator for personal goals!

  28. Kathy
    | Reply


  29. Amy
    | Reply

    The virtual races have been a blessing for me, as I work Saturdays and that’s when most of the race events are. My son loves doing 5ks so it’s a great way for us to still do them and for us both to have a sense of accomplishment.

    • Robin
      | Reply

      My son was so excited about my medal he is now wanting to race for one of his own! He likes the one with dragon on it! He’s going to start practicing tonight.

  30. Heather
    | Reply

    Your medals are great! Inspirational website & facebook.

  31. Cherie
    | Reply

    I’m in love with all of your medals.

  32. Jennifer Ashton-Smith
    | Reply

    So hoping to win I love all your mega awesome medals!! Is there a limit on how many entries a person can earn???

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      We have the entries limited to Facebook Page like, comment on website post page, comment on Facebook post and share on Facebook 🙂

  33. Rachel
    | Reply

    I’ve been eyeing these medals for a long time, I would love to win one!

  34. Tara Behrmann
    | Reply

    She believed she could so she did-thats my saying!

  35. Cherie
    | Reply

    Can’t Wait!! Crossing my fingers!!

  36. Valerie Sercu
    | Reply

    love all of your medals!!! We’re so excited for cooler temps In Florida, so we can start earning our bling!!! Our team is Growing!! Team4Bling

  37. Elizabeth Reeve
    | Reply

    Virtual races are way awesome!!! Keep going like there is no tomorrow!

  38. Carla
    | Reply

    Love your medals. I just earned one today with my daughter. Great motivation to be active together. I would love to win one.

  39. Emily
    | Reply

    Never stop trying. Try and try agin.

  40. Robin
    | Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful medal! It inspired me to run my first ever 5k!!!

  41. Andy
    | Reply

    My niece loves your medals. They weigh almost as much as she does!

  42. Monica
    | Reply

    I love these medals. I can’t wait to get more. 🙂
    These guys were great on replacing a medal that was damaged during shipping, too. Excellent customer service. <3

  43. Cindy samms
    | Reply

    I love your medals. My sister and I love running virtual races while we train for rundisney races! I found your medals on a rundisney post and have been following every since. Great ideas!

  44. gia p
    | Reply

    to achieve success and receive “bling” in the end gives a certain level of excitement. i believe in having something tangible to show for your achievement. you have every right to brag and show your medals because you worked hard for it. they serve as a reminder that “yes, you did that”.

  45. Sandi
    | Reply

    Would love a medal to show my kids I push myself to do hard things too.

  46. Kim Allmon
    | Reply

    I just got into virtual races in January of this year and promised myself to run at least 1 5k a month in celebration of me turning 50 this year. I haven’t broken that promise yet & am always looking for races with beautiful medals out there & these are great looking medals! Thanks for the chance to win one of them.

  47. Angelica
    | Reply

    My very first virtual run medal came from here 🙂
    It was very inspiring to earn something for my newly found running efforts, and it actually helped launch me into my lovenof running! Thank you!

  48. Emily camp
    | Reply

    These metals are awesome!!!! The individuals who developed them as simply amazing and talented!!!! Keep up the good work

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Emily, thank you for your support and kind words 🙂 We appreciate all your encouragement through the years!!!

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