Princess Sophia and Tinkerbell

Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway

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~Giveaway Has Ended~

In celebration of our first anniversary, or as I like to call it, my birthday,

we offered a Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway.

Virtual Run World

What is that you ponder? The winner will receive one of our medals personally signed by a real Disney character. This will be accomplished with the help of Princess Sophia, who lives near Disney World. Who is the Disney character and what medal will it be? That is the mystery …

Princess Sophia and Tinkerbell


Princess Sophia and Peter Pan

A special Never Say Never medal signed by Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

Thanks so much for Princess Sophia’s help!!!

Signed Never Say Never Medal

Of course, the winner could alternately choose to receive any Virtual Run World new medal not yet announced or an existing medal from our inventory.

Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway

Ended November 30, 2014 @ 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

The WINNER will receive A SIGNED NEVER SAY NEVER VIRTUAL RUN WORLD MEDAL or they may choose another Virtual Run World medal

Thank you for participating!

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We would like to CONGRATULATE

Lisa Marie Smith

on WINNING Virtual Run World’s
Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway!

Here are the correct answers to the questions:

What Princess inspired the Dreams Into Plans medal?

Princess Sophia

Which Disney Princess do we mention is not a runner?

Snow White

Which medal do we mention that you can ‘rub and something magical might happen’?

Whole New World

15 Responses

  1. Vicki Bronson
    | Reply


  2. Lotta
    | Reply

    What a great chance to win 🙂 Super exied!!

  3. Karen Eddy
    | Reply

    Want!!!! I have a bunch of your medals!!!! Please!!!!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Karen, we want it too 😉 We will have one lucky winner soon!!! Good luck!

  4. Christina
    | Reply

    Too cute!

  5. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Good luck everyone I know which one I would pick, at least I have it down to 3!!! Lol

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Jennifer, good luck to you too 😉 Thanks so much for your support! Terri

  6. GiGi Samples
    | Reply

    Awesome Sauce…That medal is MINE!!!!!

  7. jackie
    | Reply

    AMAZING medals…would LOVE to give this to my buddy IRUN4Gabriel!!

  8. Cindy samms
    | Reply

    im so excited that I found your site and medals. My daughter and I love running and did the rundisney glass slipper challenge this year. We just got into virtual medals and they serve great purpose to keep us motivated between other races.

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Cindy, we are excited that you found us too!!! Good luck in our giveaway and happy training 🙂

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