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Look Inside You Virtual Run Medal

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Large 6 Inch Virtual Run Medal

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Perched high in a tree, over a mountain cliff, a bird is never afraid of the branch breaking. The bird places trust in her own wings. In your life, during your runs, you will encounter some rotten trees and broken branches. Worried? Look inside yourself, find your strength, use your wings, do not rely on that branch to make your dreams come true. The “Look Inside You” medal is to remind yourself to not rely on others. Let go of that branch and find your inner strength to accomplish that goal.

In a story describing one of our other medals, I might have mentioned that Snow White was not a runner. I am proved wrong, once again. After participating in the Disney World Marathon and refreshing my memory of the Snow White movie once again, I believe I can safely say – that girl is a runner. In the movie, Snow White is doing a scary, night time trail run. She was trying to find her wings, but was having trouble with the foliage. Snow White broke a few branches, made some long falls, but came through her struggles well enough to be singing at the end of her run.

So I will continue to jog along singing a happy song, trying not to rely on the branch to support me looking for my inner runner, Snow White.

No matter who you are, look inside you, to make your wishes come true.

Look Inside You

Look Inside You with lanyard

Virtual Run World’s Look Inside You Virtual Run Medal includes:

Custom Designed Large Finishing Medal – 6 inches of bling!

Custom Designed Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Customizable Bib that you can personalize with your name and favorite number

How to participate in Virtual Run World’s Look Inside You Virtual Run:

  • Purchase the Look Inside You Virtual Run Medal in our SHOP

Earn your medal with a run, walk, bike or anything you like, for anytime, anywhere or any distance, in one day or multiple days, its up to you. Open all the time ~ no end date!

  • Bibs

Visit our Virtual Bibs page to customize your bib – add your name, favorite bib number and print.

  • Share your Results

This is optional, but we would like you to share your run by commenting on this page and on our Facebook page.

  • Receive Your Medal and Celebrate 

Receive your medal in the mail!

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Large 6 Inch Virtual Run Medal

Virtual Run World Shop


3 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    This looks like yet another one of your fantabulous medals with the excellent design and the wonderful artwork that your website here is now known for…..and with a great summertime theme to boot! So, let’s talk about the message behind this medal design…..I think it is very inspirational….I hope that people who do this event and receive their medals will remember their inner strengths when they see their medals hanging at home, and that they will remember their awesome accomplishments. Your reference to a bird perched in a tree, over a mountain cliff, never afraid of the branch breaking, that bird placing trust its own wings….and then with symbolism to our runs, our inner strengths, and accomplishing our goals…..that really is a very poetic and a wonderful artistic reference to think about. Another excellent job on this medal, per your usual! Bravo and Brava for the creative team here that inspires exercise, art, motivation and so much more!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Thanks for the compliments Jim. We get inspired by you being motivated, which in turn motivates us, and we try to do the best we can. We have numerous ideas we want to see to completion and we hope they also will inspire more of your kind words. Where are you at on your mileage goals? We hope you are racking up the miles and encouraging others like you do us. Happy trails.

      • Jim S.
        | Reply

        You asked about my mileage goals…..well, I am definitely over 50 miles a month, but I am guessing I am probably under 75 miles a month, so doing pretty good, i think……and considering I was at 0 miles per month last August (LOL), and my very first 5K was last September. I am planning to work on a regular weight and exercise training type of program starting on Friday hopefully, as I have my 5K and 10K times and routines all nailed down by now. I am also doing cycling events from time to time……and honestly my energy level is way up compared to what it was a few short months ago……like a night and day type of difference.

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