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Large 6 Inch Pirate Virtual Run Medal

with Spinning Whale on the Compass 

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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Wait, wrong theme, wrong movie. We need to talk about running and pirates. So…are you a good pirate or a bad pirate? We ran on the beach in Ocean Shores, Washington recently which got me thinking about sailing the dark seas, fighting the wind, the waves and an occasional drunken Kraken. Occasionally, I am a pirate when I run, but mostly some sort of superhero. But we were near the ocean, so pirate it is, and a good running pirate I is…aargh. This nautical themed medal is to inspire you to fight through the difficulties while reaching your mileage goals. It’s a pirate medallion, made of authentic simulated real Aztec gold. One of 882 identical pieces that had been delivered in a stone chest to Hernando Cortez, the Spanish conquistador himself. At least, that is the story I heard. I know there have been many times that I have been traveling down a pathway when I run right into a giant whale blocking the way. I am sure it happens to you all the time. Then it’s decision time, up, over or worse – through the whale, to the next mile on my journey. Mile 20 has been especially difficult in past adventures and is where I meet my running nemesis – the Kraken. The Kraken wraps my legs in heavy slimy tentacles, suction thingies pulling at my aching calves, dragging me down to Davie Jones’ locker or to the denizens of the deep. Sometimes, a liberal application of Glide on your legs will help in these situations. I fight through the wall and move on.

When I need direction or motivation I talk to the whale. You too can talk whale. Flick his tail, and give him a spin. The whale will confide in you and provide your daily run heading (nautical term). The whale is never wrong, so don’t argue with him for he has a very sensitive nature. Once the whale provides me a compass heading I am off and running – to feel the freedom of the sea where I have no fear of the depths and a great fear of shallow living. Again the miles give me life. “For too long I’ve been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I’ve been starving to death and haven’t died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea.” ~ Barbossa

By now, we should all have arrived at that very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically. Savvy? And have we reached an accord? Do pirates and running go together? Aye! We running pirates think so.

“This is either madness… or brilliance.” ~ Will Turner

“It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide.” ~ Jack Sparrow

Still the guns and stow ’em, signal the men, set the flags and make good to clear port – sail for the horizon, for you can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

The quotes featured on I Run Far Virtual Run Medal are:

Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate, then be a pirate.

Fear No Distance

I run faaarrrrrrr!

Sage Rat Run


Only dead fish go with the flow.

…but I don’t want to be a pirate.

Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.

Not all treasure is silver and gold.

Those who trail run may understand our situation. Trail runs involve face plants and sometimes a lot of mud. You cannot truly be considered a trail runner until you completed the humbling experience of spitting dirt out of your mouth or wiping mud from your leg wounds. In that spirit, we will explain what may have happened to our “I Run Far” medal. If you haven’t noticed already, there was a manufacturer’s error on the design. Nooooo – impossible you say.

Yes, unfortunately a portion of the word trail in “trail run”, located at the top of the compass, was eliminated during the production of the medals.

I Run Far Trail Run Wording Closeup

What? We call this a virtual face plant. It is possible that the manufacturer thought trail runners would like this. The word was obscured by some virtual mud, almost a Karma-like experience. You may have noticed that, “Kiss Someone” is just fine. Karma again? We recommend spinning the whale more often for better kissing results. What do we do about the virtual mud? We have been in contact with our manufacturer and found a reasonable solution, we have discounted the price.

Please accept our apology for the trail run face plant right in the middle of your compass and getting virtual dirt on your nice, new running medal. We hope this discount helps to get the Yin and Yang of things back in harmony with the world.

Thank you for your understanding!

Virtual Run World’s I Run Far Virtual Run Medal includes:

Custom Designed Large 6” Pirate Virtual Run Medal with Spinning Whale on the Compass

2015 Sage Rat Run Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Customizable Bib that you can personalize with your name and favorite number

How to participate in the I Run Far Virtual Run:

  • Purchase the I Run Far Virtual Run Medal in our SHOP

Earn your medal with a run, walk, bike or anything you like, for anytime, anywhere or any distance, in one day or multiple days, its up to you. Open all the time ~ no end date!

  • Bibs

Visit our Virtual Bibs page to customize your bib – add your name, favorite bib number and print.

  • Share your Results

This is optional, but we would like you to share your run by commenting on this page and on our Facebook page.

  • Receive Your Medal and Celebrate 

Receive your finishing medal in the mail!

For International customers, please view International Shipping Charges here

Large 6 Inch Pirate Virtual Run Medal 

with Spinning Whale on the Compass 

Virtual Run World Shop


7 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Hallelujah! A PIRATE MEDAL!! ARRRRRRRR! Shiver me timbers, Mateys! YOU made me day today, ye did!!! Oh, and heck yeah, a spinning whale?!?!? How ArrrrrrSOME! I couldn’t pre-order ye medal fast enough! I ain’t be risking it going on ye backorder. I already placed me order….done and done……arrrrrrr! Woo-hoo! I’ll get me parrot, me chest of treasure, me tricorn hat and get ready to sail on me next journey (aka 5K)……arrrrrrrr!! Thank ye for makin’ me day today! Arrrrrrrr!
    Captain Jimbo

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Aarrrr 🙂 You just made our day, you pirate you!!! We so enjoy your posts and enthusiasm, aarrr 🙂 We were thinking of you when we designed this one! I struggle speaking pirate myself, but Mike is half-pirate so he was Pirate Director on this one! Good luck on your 5k … we look forward to hearing about it too! Terri, Pirate-in-training 🙂

  2. Andrea
    | Reply

    Omg! Love it!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Thanks Andrea for your approval 🙂 We appreciate your support! Happy training, Terri

  3. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Ahoy Mateys!
    Shiver me timbers, I ran faaarrrrrrr this week to be earning ye pirate medal…..aaarrrrrrr. This medal be better than any buried treasure known the world over (insert “aaarrrr” here). Instead of having to get me ship, crew and parrot all together for a voyage…….all I had to do was go to virtualrunworld.com and sign meself up (insert another “aaarrrr” here). It still be a wee bit cold out here in these parts, but this was a very big event for me (being a pirate and all), so I ran me race on a treadmill at me health club with me good peg leg and me shiney new hook hand with me trusty parrot on me shoulder (of course). So, can ye picture that image in ye head?…….aaarrrrr. Well, thank ye again virtulalrunworld.com for hosting yet another arrrrrrrsome event! Can’t wait till ye treasure arrives here in me mailbox (plus it saves me the time of having to unbury it meself).
    And as always,
    Captain Jimbo

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Congratulations Pirate Captain Jimbo. We knew ye would find treasure. Great job on earning ye I Run FAARRRRR medal 🙂 Ye sure are racking up the miles in ye quest for treasure or is it the Fountain of Youth? For those in between miles, as ye seek new treasure around the world be sure to claim some of the Virtual Badges, Argh. You will go faaaarrrrrr!

  4. Jim S.
    | Reply

    You know, I was wondering and wondering and wondering what “tr,’ run” was until my brain was hurting really badly thinking about it……and now I know! LOL! At first, I thought I was reading it wrong, then I thought it was a fun piratey type of word, then I thought it was an ancient language found on a treasure map to lead to some really cool treasure, and that the medal itself was the actual treasure map…LOL!…well, it is kinda poetic about your “face plants and sometimes a lot of mud” reference, so I am just going with that one!
    Over and out,
    Captain Jimbo
    P.S. Need to be building an ark out here in Chi-Town this summer, due to so much rain….but at least the Hawks won us the Stanley Cup, woo-hoo!

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