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Happy New Year

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Thank you for an amazing 2014. We wish you a Happy New Year. The magical medal elves at Virtual Run World are excited to make new bling for you in 2015. We hope to have plenty of new medals for you to choose from to ease the pain of all those miles. We were happy to be part of your 2014 hard earned inspired miles and celebrate your success over mind and matter. That goes to Jim also, way to go Jim. We also thank you for the positive support, letters and notes. Words of encouragement keep us going strong too.

With your help, Virtual Run World and our other running event gave over $6000.00 to various charities in 2014. We hope to continue this trend and break records every year with your support.

What is new for 2015? Medals of course. Big, fat, glittery medals with a variety of themes. That means more miles for you. We encourage you to join our running team, #virtualrunworld with Charity Miles app, to earn even more money for the charity of your choice. We also hope to add more content on our site with stories and recipes for your entertainment and for meal choices to fuel all those miles.

Please contact us with any suggestions or comments to improve your running experience. Our goal is to motivate you to move with the best running medals anywhere, your only limit is you!

Happy New Year from Virtual Run World,

Mike & Terri Akins

Owners / Directors

6 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! I woke up and got to the gym by noon today (did a treadmill 5K there)……it is already a great NEW YEAR out here in Chi-Town! By the way, awesome picture post for the first day of the year! Man-oh-man those medals are huge, looks like Terri is rocking the fashion runway for bling today! Is that tiki medal the newest one?…..OMG, I sure hope so, as it is sooooooooo AWESOME! LOL! Thank you for the shout out today!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!! May we All be blessed in 2015, hope it is a great year for us All. I am looking really looking forward to my next 4 races with you (I still owe you one and plan to sign up for the 2 new ones I know about……and that UBER-COOL tiki one!……please say it is your newest medal… Peace to All who read this, my wishes to you All for a wonderful new year!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Yes Jim, the 11 pounds around my neck of the Virtual Run World Bling Fashion Runway were rocking me to the ground 🙂 And the tiki medal you see is our newest design coming soon called Enchanted Tiki Run 🙂 It will be for sale later this month with an estimated arrival date in late February to March. Thanks for being a great supporter of Virtual Run World in 2014. We look forward to see what you accomplish in 2015 and being a part of them too!!! Happy New Year to all, Terri

  2. Gretchen
    | Reply

    I love your medals! I did one of your runs for my sister and she loves it! I was just wondering if there might possibly be a malificent medal in the works? Hehe she’s my all time favorite!

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      We are currently in Disney World getting inspired and met with Maleficent and other characters. We usually just design a medal in the theme that pops in our head. Perhaps Maleficent design might jump in there. We have a couple of designs we are working on but hopefully we can get one going for you. Until then, just keep swimming – Mike

  3. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I love the medal of Cinderella’s castle with the fireworks. Which race can I run for that medal?

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