Believe In The Magic Virtual Run Medal
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Large 4.6 Inch Medal ~ Celebrate Christmas with our Believe In The Magic Medal  ~ A decorated gingerbread castle medal that encourages the magic of Christmas.  Perfect motivation for your training runs, especially runDisney training! Participate from anywhere!!! Virtual Run … Read More

Goulish Frights Haunted Nights Virtual Run Medal
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Goulish Frights Haunted Nights  4.6″ Virtual Run Medal  featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Effects  . Scary glow-in-the-dark ghosts and full moon, flying bats, creeping spiders and tombstones add lots of detail to this unique, large Halloween themed running medal. with Glow-In-The-Dark Effects on … Read More

Powered by Pixie Dust Medal
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Large 6″ Glitter Medal ~ Powered by Pixie Dust virtual run medal provides extra motivation with its sprinkling of pixie dust to help you meet your goals whether you are running, walking, or completing a special project. Full color dye … Read More

Sage Rat Run Alien Medals
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What could be better than Aliens versus Sage Rats? A colorful medal design of battling aliens attacking Sage Rats. Here you can join us, but be careful to avoid the alien’s laser blasters!!! Each medal features a full color lanyard … Read More

Sage Rat Run T-Rex Medal
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Sage Rats enjoy scrambling here, there and everywhere! Especially when they are on the run from DINOSAURS!! Join them and run, walk or anything else to earn your giant 6″ or 3″ medal. Features a full color lanyard with our … Read More

Miles for Mike
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3D T-Rex Skeleton  ~ 4 inch Virtual Run Medal ~   For those of you who haven’t yet heard, my husband, Mike, suffered a massive brain bleed and stroke on November 14, 2016. He was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, and … Read More

Magical Mermaid Virtual Run Medal
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SOLD OUT Large 6 inch Glitter Medal ~  This Magical Mermaid medal is artistically designed to encourage you to reach your goals and features a motivational quote on the coordinating full-color dye sublimation lanyard that reads, “Follow your heart. There’s … Read More

Ken Thumbs Up
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SOLD OUT ~ 3.5” Virtual Run Medal ~ Includes Dye Sublimation Lanyard and a ~ Team RWB Charity Donation SOLD OUT  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED! SOLD OUT 3.5” Virtual Run Medal Includes Dye Sublimation Lanyard and a Team … Read More

Alien Ack Attack
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3.5” Virtual Run Medal Have you ever heard of a peaceful Alien invasion, one with out a lot of screaming, running and government finger pointing? Of course not. Aliens have been attacking earth for eons and once again they are … Read More

Wings To Fly Virtual Run Medal
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SOLD OUT Large 6 Inch Glitter Virtual Run Medal  –  A silver set of wings, tree and roots symbolizing wings to fly with details of birds, hearts and flowers on a black glitter background. Artwork features wording, “Give the ones you … Read More

Sage Rat Run Discounted Medals
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We are the Run Directors for Sage Rat Run, our local two-day running event that travels through Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is the third weekend, every May. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring the communities … Read More

Look Inside You Virtual Run Medal
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Large 6 Inch Virtual Run Medal Perched high in a tree, over a mountain cliff, a bird is never afraid of the branch breaking. The bird places trust in her own wings. In your life, during your runs, you will … Read More

I Run Far Virtual Run Medal
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Large 6 Inch Pirate Virtual Run Medal with Spinning Whale on the Compass  ~ Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Wait, wrong theme, wrong movie. We need to talk about running and pirates. So…are you a good … Read More

Sweetest Run Ever Virtual Run Medal
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Large 6 Inch Glitter Medal ~ We have identified another famous person who is also a runner, Willy Wonka. Wonka lives in a chocolate candy factory, surrounded by sweets, and does not gain a pound. How does he do it? … Read More

I Will Run Virtual Run Medal
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Large 6 Inch Medal ~ Perfect motivation for your training runs! If you could be a fantasy creature in a virtual running world, what would you look like? Would you be fast or slow, or something with a big nose? … Read More

Dreams Into Plans Virtual Run Medal
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– Large 6 inch Glitter Princess Virtual Run Medal – Most people have probably not seen Cinderella’s Castle from my unique perspective. I have spent a great deal of time in the Magic Kingdom’s moat that surrounds the Princess quarters. … Read More

Yin Yang Running Virtual Run Medal
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LARGE 6″ GLITTER VIRTUAL RUN MEDAL The Yin Yang of Running During a recent marathon training run, my goal was to maintain my Ch’i. I contemplated if it is possible to run a 100 mile ultra as I jog along. … Read More

She Believed She Could Virtual Run Medal
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SOLD OUT Large 6 inch medal ~ She Believed She Could So She Did. We believed we could also. We were tangled up for so long, but we managed to get free enough to create our next virtual run medal. … Read More

Angry Bugs Virtual Run Medal
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Large, 6 inch virtual run medal This medal is inspired by our non virtual event, Sage Rat Run and The Ugly Bug Ball. Our Angry Bugs Virtual Run Medal depics an epic battle of our Sage Rat mascot versus Angry Bugs, not … Read More

Believe In Yourself Virtual Run Medal
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6″ Glitter Virtual Run Medal   Earn a Believe In Yourself Virtual Run Medal anytime, anywhere, any distance, run, walk, or bike. We are featuring a Disney, Cinderella flavored theme. This results in a large, shiny, 6 inch pumpkin carriage running … Read More

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