Running Nirvana
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What if you were presented with a layered Black Forest Gateau, oozing kirsch syrup from three dense, rich layers of dark chocolate cake, topped with macerated kirsch cherries, a fluffy mascarpone cream frosting, and a dark chocolate ganache… decorated with … Read More

Happy New Year
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Thank you for an amazing 2014. We wish you a Happy New Year. The magical medal elves at Virtual Run World are excited to make new bling for you in 2015. We hope to have plenty of new medals for … Read More

I Will Run Virtual Run Medal
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Large 6 Inch Medal ~ Perfect motivation for your training runs! If you could be a fantasy creature in a virtual running world, what would you look like? Would you be fast or slow, or something with a big nose? … Read More

Christmas Magical Medal Giveaway
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GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!  In celebration of Christmas, we announced a Magical Medal Giveaway! What is that you ponder? A Believe In Yourself Medal personally signed by Cinderella Our Virtual Run World Magical Elf, Princess Sophia, has VIP access to Disney Magic! … Read More

Happy Anniversary Virtual Run World
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Virtual Run World is One Year Old! Thank you, thank you and thank you. Thanks to the many virtual runners for supporting us in our first year. We launched Virtual Run World one year and one day ago and what … Read More

Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway
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~Giveaway Has Ended~ In celebration of our first anniversary, or as I like to call it, my birthday, we offered a Magical Medal Mystery Giveaway. What is that you ponder? The winner will receive one of our medals personally signed by a … Read More

Sweet Swag Giveaway
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She Believed She Could Get Some Really Sweet Swag…So She Did Ended November 17, 2014 @ 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNER AMY PRENETA She Believed She Could Get Some Really Sweet Swag…So She Did! We would like to … Read More

Dreams Into Plans Virtual Run Medal
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– Large 6 inch Glitter Princess Virtual Run Medal – Most people have probably not seen Cinderella’s Castle from my unique perspective. I have spent a great deal of time in the Magic Kingdom’s moat that surrounds the Princess quarters. … Read More

Eiffel Tower Bracelet Giveaway
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~Ended~ We would like to thank all of our viewers and customers by offering our first giveaway! And what better way than to offer a K Rose Jewelry Bracelet. This Eiffel Tower Bracelet is perfect for an evening out – … Read More

Yin Yang Running Virtual Run Medal
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LARGE 6″ GLITTER VIRTUAL RUN MEDAL The Yin Yang of Running During a recent marathon training run, my goal was to maintain my Ch’i. I contemplated if it is possible to run a 100 mile ultra as I jog along. … Read More

She Believed She Could Virtual Run Medal
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SOLD OUT Large 6 inch medal ~ She Believed She Could So She Did. We believed we could also. We were tangled up for so long, but we managed to get free enough to create our next virtual run medal. … Read More

Angry Bugs Virtual Run Medal
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Large, 6 inch virtual run medal This medal is inspired by our non virtual event, Sage Rat Run and The Ugly Bug Ball. Our Angry Bugs Virtual Run Medal depics an epic battle of our Sage Rat mascot versus Angry Bugs, not … Read More

A Dopey Christmas Letter
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– Our Pre-runDisney Training Adventure – It is Christmas once again. I can tell because Terri keeps saying that I, (Mike) am late, again, writing this letter, explaining how we survived another year. It’s a Christmas letter, she says, make … Read More

Believe In Yourself Virtual Run Medal
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6″ Glitter Virtual Run Medal   Earn a Believe In Yourself Virtual Run Medal anytime, anywhere, any distance, run, walk, or bike. We are featuring a Disney, Cinderella flavored theme. This results in a large, shiny, 6 inch pumpkin carriage running … Read More

Fear No Distance Virtual Run Medal
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SOLD OUT 6 inch Virtual Run Medal Please join Virtual Run World’s “Fear No Distance” Virtual Run. We are celebrating this virtual event, an anytime, anywhere, any distance, run or walk. Your fee earns you an awesome medal with dye sublimation … Read More

Baja Fish Taco Recipe
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On occasion, I dream of being off the Baja peninsula, lost in the Sea of Cortez, cruising in my Ocean Kayak and fightingYellowfin Tuna, “Atun Aleta Amarilla,” on my custom G.Loomis fly rod. In my dream, I fight this torpedo fish on my own hand-tied streamer fly. … Read More

Drink plenty of water
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We have always heard to drink plenty of water, but do you wonder why? I went searching and found very impressive data… Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system … Read More

Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby Review
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Just because Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby is one of the expensive restaurants in Walt Disney World, it should not deter you from going there before or after a runDisney event. We found its most famous meal is a great affordable way to enjoy … Read More

Freezing Ripe Bananas
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Ripe bananas are great for banana bread. And perhaps we should leave it at that and not interfere with the goodness of warm buttery hot banana bread. But when you have no time, do you usually throw the ripe bananas … Read More

Exercise and the Fountain of Youth
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Juan Ponce de Leon died at age 47 in the year 1521. At the time, he was looking for the Fountain of Youth in Havana, Cuba. Could he have been aware that one minute of exercise gives you a 7 minute … Read More

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