What will your reaction be?
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A Gasp, mouth-drop, or WOW are familiar reactions to receiving a Virtual Run World medal. The size, quality and design are from the award-winning artists behind Virtual Run World. Graphic Designers, Run Directors and Artists work hard to create each … Read More

Magical Memories Giveaway
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FREE MAGICAL MEMORIES GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED THREE AUTOGRAPHED MEDALS by Disney Characters from Walt Disney World!!! Congratulations to the WINNERS!!! ~ She Believed She Could signed by Rapunzel WINNER: Brenda Barfield ~ Dreams Into Plans signed by Joy & … Read More

Sage Rat Run Alien Medals
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What could be better than Aliens versus Sage Rats? A colorful medal design of battling aliens attacking Sage Rats. Here you can join us, but be careful to avoid the alien’s laser blasters!!! Each medal features a full color lanyard … Read More

Inside Virtual Run World
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Mike and Terri Akins, Virtual Run World’s Owners/Artists are on Patreon. Edward Degas said, “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” We believe running is the opposite, very hard when you don’t know how, but … Read More

Vessels of Life Shirt
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Vessels of Life  Dye Sublimation Tech Shirt  $26.99  The Vessels of Life tech shirt features design elements that unite to celebrate the circle of life. At first glance, butterflies, flowers and mossy branches are present on a background of vibrant … Read More

Alien Ack Attack Shirt
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$26.99 ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Our Alien Ack Attack Shirt is sure to inspire you to run faster to your next goal. The design on the shirt is 1950’s comic book style artwork of an alien invasion that is featured on a … Read More

Alien Ack Attack
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$24.99  3.5” Virtual Run Medal ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Have you ever heard of a peaceful Alien invasion, one with out a lot of screaming, running and government finger pointing? Of course not. Aliens have been attacking earth for … Read More

Announcing our new Zazzle Shop
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The elves at Virtual Run World have been busy creating new additional products in our secondary store, Virtual Run World Zazzle Shop! We have 2 Collections so far that feature our art of Dreams Into Plans and She Believed She … Read More

Magical Moment Medals
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We are excited to announce our new Magical Moment Medals During our recent Disney World vacation, we had the opportunity to have Disney characters sign Virtual Run World medals so we can spread the magic and help someone have their … Read More

Sweeeeeeeeet FREE Giveaway
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Sweeeeeeeet FREE Giveaway Ended November 4, 2015 @ 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNER, J.H. who was randomly chosen from all the entries and they will receive a Sweetest Run Ever Virtual Run Medal from Virtual Run World Thanks for … Read More

Purple Mum and Daisies Shirt
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$26.99 Purple Mum and Daisies Shirt ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Colorful artwork, inspired by my painting, is featured on a dye sublimation performance running tech shirt with all over printing on both front and back. On my living room wall, … Read More

Mystery Medal Giveaway
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Giveaway has ended ~ CONGRATULATIONS TO JOANN FORNEY WINNER OF OUR MYSTERY MEDAL GIVEAWAY Earn (1) entry into our Mystery Medal Giveaway for each time you: 1. Share on Facebook 2. Like our Page on Facebook (what is not to … Read More

In Stock and Ready to Ship
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All medals are currently In Stock and Ready to Ship!!! Remember, as always we have FREE US Shipping!!! Please follow and like us:

Sage Rat Run Discounted Medals
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We are the Run Directors for Sage Rat Run, our local two-day running event that travels through Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is the third weekend, every May. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring the communities … Read More

Look Inside You Virtual Run Medal
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$29.99 ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Large 6 Inch Virtual Run Medal Perched high in a tree, over a mountain cliff, a bird is never afraid of the branch breaking. The bird places trust in her own wings. In your … Read More

I Run Far Virtual Run Medal
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Was $32.00 Now $27.99 ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Large 6 Inch Pirate Virtual Run Medal with Spinning Whale on the Compass  ~ Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Wait, wrong theme, wrong movie. We need to … Read More

Magical Medal Giveaway March 2015
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~ Contest has Ended ~ A special giveaway since we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Walt Disney World recently during their Marathon Weekend while participating in the Dopey Challenge. While there, we were able to enjoy a magical dinner with Princess … Read More

A Message of Strength
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This is a special message from an anonymous runner who wants us to share her story with you, to give you strength and inspiration ~  Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day. Spring is on it’s way, … Read More

Sweetest Run Ever Virtual Run Medal
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$29.99 ~ FREE US Shipping ~ Large 6 Inch Glitter Medal ~ We have identified another famous person who is also a runner, Willy Wonka. Wonka lives in a chocolate candy factory, surrounded by sweets, and does not gain a … Read More

Running Nirvana
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What if you were presented with a layered Black Forest Gateau, oozing kirsch syrup from three dense, rich layers of dark chocolate cake, topped with macerated kirsch cherries, a fluffy mascarpone cream frosting, and a dark chocolate ganache… decorated with … Read More

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