Alien Ack Attack

Alien Ack Attack

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3.5” Virtual Run Medal

Virtual Run WorldHave you ever heard of a peaceful Alien invasion, one with out a lot of screaming, running and government finger pointing? Of course not. Aliens have been attacking earth for eons and once again they are here to give you some motivation to run. The Alien word “Ack” or “Ack, Ack, Ack” has been translated to mean “Run” and “Run Forest Run.” We are using Aliens to motivate people with this alien virtual run medal for the Sage Rat Run. So get out and run for the hills before you are abducted, experimented on or made into Alien kitty chow.

Special thanks to our Title Sponsor

Sunnyside Community Hospital

Alien Ack Attack

Virtual Run World’s Alien Ack Attack Virtual Run Medal includes:

Custom Designed Large Finishing Medal – 3.5 inch bling!

Custom Designed Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Customizable Bib that you print and personalize with your name and favorite number

3.5” Virtual Run Medal

Virtual Run World

8 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Hello! Too cool, love the medal! Count me in! I will be placing an order soon! Hope all is well by you all here on the site! Spring is finally arriving (though never fast enough for me….lol). Ack….a perfect event for spring….I mean being cooped up all winter and forced to use a treadmill, then spring arrives and we are chased by space aliens and have to run from them to earn this new medal, and all….ya know?……lol. So exciting! Looking forward to this event and the medal arriving in May! Hopefully the postman arrives with the medal before the space aliens.
    Ack, Ack, Ack, (Run, Jim, Run)
    Jim S.
    P.S. Did you guys miss me here?……LOL…….OK, answered my own question…..LOL

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Hi Jim,
      We were thinking you had been abducted by aliens. We did not want to ask, just in case they did return you to our planet, after performing un-necessary alien exploratory surgeries leaving everyone not talking in a awkward, elephant in the room, moment. We are glad you are still with us and like the ackity ack ack medal. Watching the Mars Attack movie after your run would make the day complete. I hope your alien stitches heal. Good hearing from you. Ack Ack Ack.

      • Jim S.
        | Reply

        No, definitely not abducted by aliens, and luckily my life isn’t “that” interesting….which is a very good thing… OK, I just pre-ordered the medal (yay), and by the way, the design for this one looks fantastic, per your usual. Please let me know when the race bib for this event will be posted (as I like to collect those too, as you know). And oh yeah, a fun tongue-in-cheek sci-fi type of movie after the event to celebrate, sounds like a fun way to complete the day!!
        Jim S.
        P.S. the captcha code for this message starts with “5K”….which is too funny, as I will be doing a 5K for this event.

        • Virtual Run World
          | Reply

          Hi Jim, well we are happy to know you were not abducted and probed by Aliens. Alien abductions are awkward to talk about, unless you broadcaster Art Bell, who apparently was abducted and liked to talk about it on Coast to Coast AM. Enjoy your 5k, perhaps a night 5k with a full moon, then you have the option of watching Mars Attacks and/or American Werewolf in London after your run. Good to hear from you and keep up the good work. We will let you know when the bibs are up and going and I will try and send you one of our Sage Rat Run bibs when they come in. Ack Ack Ack Mike

  2. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Ooooohhh, your idea of a “full moon” run, oh yeah, I am “all over” that idea! Hmmmmm, seems like maybe a werewolf themed medal is in order at some point?!?!?….maybe for Halloween?!?!?!?…….now werewolves, now that is a fine subject matter to consider!………big pale white full moon, running werewolf(ves), dark tree silhouettes…….I can see that glorious medal now (or can I?!?!?……LOL!). Somehow I see werewolves as being a bit safer being around than those probie-ish spacey aliens….LOL!
    Happy week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Completed my event tonight! Thank you! Looking forward to the medal arriving, it will be awesome, I know!

  4. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Medal arrived last night, it looks great! It was a nice 5K event with a great medal!

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