A Message of Strength

A Message of Strength

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This is a special message from an anonymous runner who wants us to share her story with you, to give you strength and inspiration ~ 

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day. Spring is on it’s way, let’s start planning our training program. Virtual Run World has the most inspiring medals I have ever seen. Please take a minute to follow what I have to say. I’m confident at the end of my story, You Too will be inspired to take on any challenge you want. Let the medals be your guide and think of me when you train. Just promise me that you will Never Say Never.
When just a young girl something horrible happened to me
not my fault, just an innocent girl suffered incest it changed my life you see.
I tell this story and every word is true, I feel a need to share it
because it may have happened to you.
It’s a secret we don’t tell and the shame we feel is real.
But if you share my experience please speak up and you will heal.
The years go on and depression, anxiety and panic ensues,
please go for help, it’s not your fault let the perpetrator pay their dues.
Fitness, exercise, running all give a feeling of endorphin relief,
look at Virtual Run World for medals, inspiration for those who believe.
Never say never, believe and you will conquer, move on from the past
wish upon a star there is a whole new world at last.
Let nothing stop you, wish upon a star and turn your dreams into plans.
There is a whole new world awaiting you, she said I believe I can do it
and she did with integrity and said yes, I certainly can.
I will run 12 miles per week, my goal is 100 miles I can do that by April you’ll see.
Girl power, I can achieve what I want is my mantra every day of the week.
I pray you heal and join me, let’s give thanks to god for helping us find our way.
Stay strong, be strong both in mind, body and spirit. If you need a helping hand read this again share my strength and we will all get through it. Blessings.

4 Responses

  1. Jim S.
    | Reply

    Dear Anonymous Runner,
    Your strength and bravery are so admirable, and many blessings to you too! I wish you every bit of luck with all your training plans! Exercise is such a wonderful outlet for so many reasons, it has really helped me personally as well.
    Best wishes to you!
    Happy running!
    Jim S. (from Illinois)

    • Virtual Run World
      | Reply

      Jim, we greatly appreciate your support of our anonymous runner 🙂 We LOVE encouraging others here at Virtual Run World, its what we are all about 🙂 Best wishes to you and all!!!

  2. Susan
    | Reply

    To the sweet soul who bared hers – a.k.a the Anonymous Runner,

    I was so touched when I read your story, and so thankful for you sharing it. You are an inspiration and a true warrior. My wish for you is that all of your days are full of happiness and hope and endless “endorphin relief”!! I have no doubt you have helped a lot of people by sharing. What a blessing YOU are! Take care and keep turning your dreams into plans.

    God Bless, Susan

    P.S You are right, Virtual Run World does have the most inspiring medals!

    • Mike Akins
      | Reply

      Thank you Susan for your encouraging words to our Anonymous Runner 🙂 May you be blessed too!!!

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